It certainly has been an uncommon year for our business, our clients and our families.  We undoubtedly did not anticipate the often overwhelming disruption caused by the arrival of COVID-19, beginning in March of this year. Business shut-downs, healthcare concerns and general pandemic fatigue have impacted us all.

Throughout this year’s ups and downs we have relied on our clients to allow us to continue to provide creative ideas on marketing pivots to help keep both our clients and us remain afloat, and for that we offer you our heartfelt thanks.  We look forward to turning the page on 2020 and the arrival of 2021 with hope that things will soon return to what was once referred to as ‘normal.’  Yes, moving forward there may be a ‘new normal’ but we hope we see you there.  We will continue our promise to provide excellent customer service in all we do.

From all of us at Sugartown Communications we wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday.